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When it comes to filmmaking, my husband, Erik, and I are a team! (Check out his page at

See some of our work below! New works are currently in development.

"Seeking Serenity" is a teaser for a hypothetical spinoff of the show Firefly. Filmed by Erik, written by me. (I would love to develop this into a full fan film, but do not currently have the means to do so.)

"Method" showed at the Marietta International Film Festival in 2019. I produced, wrote, and co-edited, Erik directed and edited.

Fun story about the casting of this project. I had worked with Wes Stanfield (the male lead) a few times in acting classes. While I didn't know him that well, I knew I wanted him in this role. One morning, Erik and I decided to sit down and discuss the production plan for the film. We printed off the script and hit a local coffee shop to talk about actors, locations, and other details. When our coffee was done, we decided to meander down the road to a wine bar we had never been to. We go in, and who is our bartender? Wes!! 

Totally shocked, I (awkwardly) explained to him how we were going to shoot this film and I wanted him in it. And I happened to have the script in my hand. 

I think it was a sign that it was just meant to be.

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