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About Me

On Acting

I think I was in 7th grade when I knew I wanted to take acting classes. They weren't offered at my school, so I did my own research and presented my findings to my parents. 

They let me start taking classes (with my incredible teacher, Debra Cole, whom I'm still in touch with), and I started performing in Buffalo theatre productions. 

I majored in Theatre in college and continued performing in local productions, but then I took a break from acting...

However, after a couple of years away from performing, I saw an audition notice for a local independent film, and I decided to go for it. I walked out of that audition room not caring if I booked it because I was reminded of my love of acting. (I did end up booking it and have continued acting since.) 

Shakespeare in Delaware Park.jpg

That's me (on the right) in the ensemble of Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare in Delaware Park. It was the last show I did before leaving Buffalo, and it meant so much to me because it is a summer Buffalo tradition (Shakespeare in Delaware Park is the 2nd most attended, outdoor, free Shakespeare production in the US.)


Fun fact-- since then I have been in two more productions of Much Ado About Nothing. Once as Don John and once as Hero.

On Life

What did I do on my break from acting? I worked at an airline (don't get me started, I can tell you so many crazy stories from there! It was chaotic fun), I traveled, and then, I went back to school for my MBA. 

Nowadays, while pursuing my acting career, I also work for a nonprofit, with an incredibly supportive team. I also serve on the board of a local theatre company.

Some of my hobbies include taking pole dancing classes (read about my pole adventures here!), baking sourdough bread (yep- I jumped on that during COVID, but I love it!), writing, and spending time with my husband, Erik.


My first sourdough bread loaf! (I have gotten better at it!)

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